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Our offer

Not for school, for life we learn!

Chuckling children's laughter, movement, hustle and bustle, friendship and pure joy. When students run into school laughing, when parents carefree hand their charges over to our care - then there is much more behind it than just modern equipped classrooms and home-cooked lunch.

Dedicated educators, green outdoor classrooms, holistic all-around care and much more contribute daily to making students feel in good hands at our facilities. The joy of learning and the spirit of research thrive here.

We place special emphasis on bilingual education with our native speakers from over 20 nations. With passion from the most diverse cultural backgrounds, students are optimally prepared for the challenges of the global and regional job market.

The intensive cooperation between parents and students, education providers and school administrators, partners, local authorities and sponsors enables school education at the highest level. This is impressively demonstrated by the many awards, certifications and seals of approval.

Our educational concept

Social competence



Intercultural and foreign language competence

General education and expertise

Our educational concept

This is what we offer our students

We have a school climate of cooperative and fair interaction between students, teachers, school administration and parents.

Bilingual teaching in many subjects

Possibility to take internationally recognized language certificates (TELC)

Adherence to Saxon curricula and international guidelines

Digital teaching with notebooks

School with all-day character - large selection of all-day offers

State-of-the-art technical equipment in all classrooms with interactive whiteboards, PCs and tablets

Harmonious coexistence, tolerance and non-violence

International student exchanges

Self-learning time according to the principle 80+10

A variety of activities in the school day such as reading competitions, language camps, sports competitions, etc.

Freshly prepared lunch from our own kitchen

Participation in regional and national competitions

for students and teachers

Healthy school:
fit body - fit mind

Guidance counselors and guidance counselors

Excursions and exciting projects

Support services and LRS support

Worldwide school partnerships

Further offers at the IGC

  • 2015 awarded as "European School in Saxony
  • From nursery to elementary school all in one house
  • Daycare, after-school and school teams work closely and with commitment together
  • Teaching the English language from first grade through age-appropriate game- and theme-based learning activities.
  • There are daily sequences in English in all subjects
  • Native speakers accompany the classes as "co-teachers" and motivate the students to engage in informal conversation
  • Spanish lessons from grade 3
  • Full-day care, homework supervision and open after-school care
  • Healthy school" certificate
  • Participation in the EU fruit, vegetable and milk program
  • Modern technical equipment of classrooms with interactive boards
  • Computer lessons from grade 2
  • "Green classroom
  • Freshly prepared meals
  • A variety of activities in the school day such as English Olympiads, reading competitions, English camps, sports competitions or project days
  • All-day activities: English conversation, theater, comic maker, model railroad, soccer, bees and much more

Notebook project

Our schools score with digital infrastructure, digital curricula and digitally competent teachers. Through digitization and the development of artificial intelligence, we will find ourselves in a constant process of transformation.

We would like to provide each and every one of our students from grade 2 onwards with their own notebook at a reasonable price, which will be their personal work device. We have opted for a uniform, universally usable 2-in-1 device (laptop and tablet), which meets all the requirements of a modern digital everyday classroom life. A notebook that can be used for writing both electronically and with a pen, which contains electronic textbooks, has access to the school cloud (LernSax) and contains all the applications that are necessary in everyday school life. We will provide special support for families with several children or limited financial resources!


Language diversity

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