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School start 2023

Together with their class teachers, the ABC students entered the colorfully decorated gymnasium in Obercrinitz with the school song. All guests stood up from their seats and welcomed their little school beginners. The principal, Mrs. Häcker, opened the festive event and gave the floor to the mayor, Mr. Pachan. He not only thanked the teachers for their good work in the day care centers and wished the school beginners all the best, but also presented the future first graders with some interesting gifts. A lovingly put together program, performed by the second and third grade, got the future first graders in the mood for their first day at school. The many colorful sugar cones were received by the ABC students on stage with big grins. The big surprise was waiting in front of the gymnasium after the ceremony. Several firemen with their cars drove the children with TATÜ TATA to their future school in Bärenwalde. That was a lot of fun! Finally, the children put their satchels on their backs in their future classrooms and then their own back-to-school party could start. A big thank you goes to the mayor, the fire departments from Bärenwalde, Obercrinitz and Lauterhofen, the nursery Kämpf and all the hardworking helpers and supporters who put on an unforgettable day.


A. Kick and S. Reuter (class leaders of class 1)

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