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Ready, steady, go!

From October 10 to 14, 2022, a sports project week took place at our school on the theme of the "Soccer World Cup". We opened the somewhat different school week by lighting an Olympic fire and singing a soccer anthem. Even white doves rose into the sky and made the children's eyes light up. Afterwards, the children went through several stations and were visited by Jan Hochscheidt, a soccer player from FC Erzgebirge Aue. He answered many questions and conducted small training sessions with the students. With an autograph signature on small balls, the footballer said goodbye and certainly left a lasting impression on most of the children. The next day, soccer technique was on the agenda. Small practice sessions made the day really interesting. Wednesday brought a change of pace. On this day our annual athletics sports festival took place. In disciplines such as long jump, sprint, long throw and endurance run everyone could prove their skills. Exhausted but happy, this day also came to an end much too quickly. In a soccer tournament for all grades on the next day, everyone fought hard until the end to win. At the end of the week, the weather unfortunately threw a spanner in the works. We took it easy and discussed some theoretical things and looked at the positive and negative sides of the World Cup. We ended the interesting sports week with an award ceremony and sang our soccer anthem for the last time.

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